March 14, 2015

Both Josh and I are off this weekend.  In theory, this is the case 47% of the time, but it often feels less frequent.  This is partly the tendency to focus on the strenuous/difficult, and conveniently forget the easier times.  But it’s also because there are weekends that are taken up by conferences/travel too (for each of us), so it’s probably more like 40%.

Tomorrow, we have two birthday parties (11-1 and then 3-5).  It will definitely a full-on jam packed family day.

But today we’re doing a bit of split parenting:  I went to barre at 9:30, and also got to sleep in (ahhhhhh); Josh is on a designated (by me) work shift from 12p – 6p.  He’ll be at his office catching up on documentation/paperwork, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he sneaks in a nap, too.  

It has taken us quite some time to resolve the conflicts that arise when Josh feels like he has to do extra work on the weekends and I am just soooo ready not to be solo parenting.  But this setup seems to work: a clearly designated chunk of time that is HIS, and some time for me too.  The sad part (for him!) is that I wish he got some free time not dedicated to work.  But I can only control my situation, right?
Okay, back to Annabel time!
(C is asleep . . . but probably not for long since he didn’t eat lunch first!  Agh.)


  • Reply Laura Vanderkam March 10, 2019 at 7:13 pm

    You’re generous to give 12-6 if you’ve been solo parenting during the week 🙂

    One thing we’re dealing with now is that with 4 kids, it’s very hard to to switch off on weekends and give each parent solo time, because 4 is just a lot to wrangle. My husband has been taking the older 3 to their swim lessons on Saturday mornings, so I’m home for 2.5 hours with the baby, which could be me time except taking care of a 2 month old isn’t exactly a predictable enterprise allowing for relaxation. I’ll get on the treadmill and run in 8 minute spurts until he fusses. Oh well — things will get better eventually.

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