attacking the paper piles: advice needed!

March 25, 2015
So.  As you know, I read her (mildly controversial) book and remain enamored with the Kon-Mari method.  I still get a little ping of happiness every time I open up one of my clothing drawers and can see all of the items, stacked neatly on their edges.  Josh is fully on board, and we are determined to go through all of our possessions one category at a time, until we’re done.

(Marie Kondo suggests that once we’re done, we’ll be done forever.  We’ll see!)

Categories completed:
1) Clothing (Josh’s, mine)
2) Books/media (Josh’s, mine)
3) Shoes (mine)
4) Accessories (mine)
5) Clothing for specific events (running gear, etc)

We have also gotten rid of a lot of intant/baby stuff, but I don’t know that we’ve purged completely enough to say we’re done there.  Example – I think we still have old bottles lying around and we need to sort through outgrown clothes for C yet again.

Admittedly, we have hit a bit of a lull.  Apparently it’s hard to dedicate yourself to weeding through one’s possessions when there are things like jobs and kids (and super important blog posts!) to worry about.  But Josh and I both want to see the overhaul through.  Even if it takes forever.

Categories up next:
1) Bags (will be easy)
2) Toiletries/cosmetics (will also be fairly easy, I think)
3) Papers (will NOT be easy)

tip o’ the iceberg

I’m excited to tackle the first two, but agggh — PAPER is going to be tough, and I don’t feel like Ms. Kondo provided enough guidance.  We have a not-so-perfectly organized system of files in a big cabinet, but there is a ton of stuff that we likely don’t need (old bank statements/receipts/etc).  I don’t see us going paperless, but I want to go minimal and only keep what we truly need to have on hand.  What goes in this category?  I’m a bit at a loss!  

How do others decide what to keep and what is safe to discard?  Are others ditching paper and just scanning everything into Evernote (or something similar)?  Tax records need to be kept for how long?

Advice welcome!

In other news, this is happening:

(He was fully strapped in.  OMG!)

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