bday x 2

March 16, 2015

Today we went to 2 kids’ birthday parties.  Our day looked like this:

6:30 Me up with both kids (Josh did this yesterday, so I can’t complain)

9:00 4mi stroller run with Cameron
     (The single Bob now feels sooooo light.  All relative . . . )

10:15 Head out to Plantation (about 35 minutes way) for bday party #1.  

11 – 1 Party time!  This bash was a toddler party (1 year old!) held at a playground in Plantation, about 35 minutes away.  It was adorable and low-key, and both kids had a blast at the splash pad.

1:30 Drive back to Miami Beach while both kids fall asleep (party-induced exhaustion) in the car to recharge for . . .

3:00 Bday party #2!  For our beautiful niece E, who turned 6 yesterday.  This karate-themed party (held at the studio where the bday girl trains in martial arts) was geared at older kids but it did not stop both A&C from having fun.  Annabel was initially terrified, but ended up having a great time somersaulting around the mats and Cameron was . . . Cameron.  He was fine, as he always seems to be.

5:30 Out to dinner at Tequiztlan

7:15 Put a completely wiped-out Cameron to bed

8:15 Write this post while Josh puts A to bed

I have to say — I hear a lot of complaining about kids’ birthday parties.  Admittedly, I’m a relative newbie to the scene, but I actually kind of love them.  Social time + excited active kids = what’s not to like?  I’d like to reduce the traditional role of junk food, but both parties that we attended today kept it very reasonable on that front, and neither were Pinterest explosions, either.  Whew!

My only regret is eating like (*@&# the entire weekend (poor planning!), but hey — tomorrow is Monday, so I’ll be ready for a fresh start.  Oh, and I finally finished Flow!  I need some fun, light and juicy fiction now.  Recommendations?!

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