Imperfectly Paleo/WIAW

March 18, 2015
I’ve “been paleo” (can you actually be a dietary regimen?) for ~7 months now.  While I do not eat grains on a routine basis, I am far from hardcore or superstrict.  I make exceptions for fun nights out, special occasions, etc, and I have no plans of stopping.  I just feel better, for the most part, when I stick to paleo-style eating, so it has to feel ‘worth it’ for me to make an exception.

Here’s a typical (perfectly imperfect) day:


Eggs scrambled with butter (sometimes I use ghee)
Sunflower seed butter (Maranatha brand that is just seeds & salt)
Coffee (2 shots of Nespresso, actually, black)


Leftover salmon (wild) from Monday’s dinner
Japanese white sweet potatoes


With a side of graph paper.
(I eat these all the time, although will acknowledge that they are rather high in sugar, even if it is ‘natural’ sugar in dried fruit)


Taco-inspired salad with ground beef, romaine, avocados, peppers, tomatoes, and lime

About 1/3 of this bar:

I usually stick to higher dark chocolate content (85 or 88%) but this was calling my name last night.

So . . . that’s it!   Often I will have red wine, too, but not every night and not when sick.

I’ll do this every couple of weeks although it might become monotonous really quickly.  Next time I’ll include a link to some of our tried-and-true favorite paleo dinner recipes.  Over time, I have discovered that I am oddly content eating the same things time after time with only minor variations, especially for breakfast and snacks, and often lunch too.

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