March 9, 2015

Just had a lovely simple weekend with my 2 muums (don’t ask, that’s just what I call them).  Josh worked for most of the time, though he was able to escape for swim class today, so we can just call that a win.

I often dread the weekends where I am alone with both kids, but this one was great.


* workouts both days — barre at flybarre on Saturday (I had a babysitter come) and a run with the double Bob this AM.  Essential.

* social activities both days, especially today (lovely playdate at our house)

* decent weather (it wasn’t gorgeous, but we weren’t stuck inside due to rain)

* I just sort of slowed down and didn’t stress about things

* I tried to just relax and enjoy alone time instead of wishing Josh were off/here

* I didn’t stress about the house getting all messy (which it did).  It took 31 minutes to clean everything up this evening, during which Annabel watched 1.5 episodes of Daniel Tiger and I listened to a podcast on headphones (C was asleep).  I often find myself fretting about the accumulating mess when it is really not as big a deal as it seems, and honestly thinking about it when both kids are up is just a waste of time because you cannot clean and safely supervise A&C.  At least, I can’t.

I actually really enjoyed the time with both kids.  There were only a few brief frustrating moments.  I am still ready to transition to my ‘work’ role tomorrow (I always am by Monday) BUT I am also going to be in mild muum withdrawal.

I have more to say — I always have more to say! — but I think I will go up and read for a bit since the clock says it’s 9:11 pm and my body says it’s 8:11 pm.  Of note, despite the time change both kids went to bed easily and on time because they had lots of outside time and I kind of manipulated the naps (A skipped hers — which she often does on weekends – and C only took one).  We’ll see how that works out . . .

Some pix:

Annabel’s year-old pic in the camp brochure!
(She’s actually going to a different camp this summer but this was so fun to get in the mail!)
Reading @ A’s school on Thursday
(I had the day off!  I actually did not use my day very well but this part was lovely)

Closeup of the princess

A happy moment in swim class
(Not every moment is like this . . .)

Mr. C’s haircut
The lips . . .that look . . . just love it

Our playdate.  That’s right:  TWO ELSAS.
It was a match made in heaven.

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