March 23, 2015
pool time
big family dinner @ bebe/poppy’s
picnic in the park / kite-flying
good naps (cameron); no naps (annabel)
big family dinner out @ tony chan’s

It was definitely a very full one, and — I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating — A&C are at cute but very challenging ages right now.  So, full but tiring.  And I can’t help but look forward to the day that C does not want to put everything (everywhere) in his mouth.

I know, years are short and all, but seriously.
Luckily, he has redeeming qualities of being super sweet, charismatic, and adorable.  Milestones are starting to pile up — he now can take a few steps (yay!) and hums the first few letters of the ABC song (he uses “da-da-da-da-da-da” but the melody is definitely there).
A is spunky and already showing her sense of style:
We had a lot of family time, running around time, pool time, and the like.  I was on call but it was probably the lightest call weekend in history (I can say that now because it’s over!).  I still can’t quite relax when the threat of the pager is there (even if it’s just a threat . . .) but with occasional weekends like these, I absolutely can’t complain, either.
I was going to post a weekly workout report, because . . . accountability!  Therefore, I will be accountable and admit that last week was a bust.  I was sick, though, so I consider that a valid excuse.  Here’s the tally:
Monday – Thursday:  SICK
Friday:  4.66 mi in the AM, slow and super relaxed since I still didn’t feel great (9:40 pace)
Satuday:  Nada, and I’m annoyed at myself that I didn’t get up earlier to fit something in
Sunday:  4 mi in the heat, since we went as a family and didn’t leave until 10am.  Apparently I ran 10:00/mi for the first 2 mi (part of this was with the double bob) and 9:10/mi for the last 2.
Total mileage: 8.66  Impressive, huh 🙂 ?

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