happy birthday A!

April 7, 2015

In the midst of a sad and whirlwind kind of week, Annabel turned three.


In many ways, this doesn’t seem all that shocking.  (She acts very 3.)  But at the same time, it does seem like the past few years went by really, really fast.

Dear Annabel,

YOU are a trip.  You are spunky, hilarious (with great comedic timing), and happy.  Your laughter is infectious (especially to your brother) and you are just so theatrical that I could easily imagine you on stage someday.  
You can carry out complex conversations and like to use big words, usually in context.  But at the same time you still call the Museum a “Muzi-ba-zaam”, which I hope you do forever.
You are strong-willed (VERY) and stubborn and you do not like to go to bed.  You love princesses and everything Disney.  You love your family (and your nanny, who is also family to you).  Most of the time, you prefer  daddy (what can I say?) but last night you asked me to rock and sing a song to you at bedtime.  Even if you were just procrastinating, it was wonderful.
Strangers stop you on the street to comment on your hair, and you are growing so fast (and you are not short like your mama!  For now, anyway.).  You are beautiful and delicious and basically a trip.  I can’t wait to see what the coming years bring.
Onward and upward!
(Mom, Mama, Mommy, and occasionally Sarah – all things you call me these days)

not the ideal shot, but we’ll take what we get!
from 2014 (what a difference a year makes!)
and one bonus pic:
smiling through a very sad Passover this past weekend
A few raw stats:
Height/weight:  I’m not sure, but she’s definitely not short and she’s ~36 lbs.  Definitely up there on the growth chart but I don’t think quite as high as she was.
Clothing size: typically 4T
Shoes: 7 (!)
Fave foods: Yogurt, chocolate (what can I say?  At least she’ll eat the super dark stuff.)  Can be more picky than before, but if she’s hungry she’ll eat pretty much anything.  
Fave shows: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
Fave books: Knuffle Bunny series, lots of vintage Little Golden books, anything Disney
Obsessions: Frozen, princesses, prancing around in princess costumes, fancy shoes 
Sleeps: ~9p – 7a or thereabouts, plus a nap (2+ hours) on weekdays but not weekends 
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    Happy Birthday A!

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