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April 28, 2015

I’ve been in San Diego since Thursday for a conference.  This marks my first such trip since fellowship, and the first in quite some time (2011?) where I was just going to learn, rather than to present.  It is also by far the longest I have been away from A&C (and J).

Though I have missed them at times, the break has been . . . nice.  And quiet.  I think it was good for me.  Life generally moves at a breakneck pace in many ways at home — always running around, rarely a moment of alone time.  Even as an extrovert, I need a little bit of this stillness to just think and collect myself and breathe.  Once in a while, anyway.

That said, these days have also been full – of reuniting with friends (I’m always amazed how it feels like NO time has passed when you meet up with old friends!), going to 94823 talks, and discussing everything from tough endo cases to the little logistical details of balancing work and family life.  I did feel good that everyone with kids volunteered that the year their children were 3&1 was the hardest.  (I definitely do not find it easy).

I am about to head out for Indian food (yum) and one last night of sleep sans baby monitor (omg, that might be my favorite part about this trip), but I wanted everyone here to know I am still alive (and blogging!).

boats along the bay (great running path)

I took an embarrassing # of pages of notes

5K race/fun run on Saturday morning

Elsa & Olaf back w/ Josh

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