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April 1, 2015

In March, I decided to work on cutting down my phone time with the Moment app.  And I did so well . . . . for about 2 weeks.


However, I have to say that:

a) Tracking really did help me improve my intentionality about picking up my phone

b) Purposefully putting down the phone really did force me to open up my eyes to other things while steering me away from its zombiefying timesucking powers

c) I am not ready to give up!

I did not track it, but I also continued daily reading most days in March, finishing Flow, reading Big Little Lies (so good!), and making my way through most of Gretchen Rubin’s Better than Before (thoughts on that in a future post).  Finally, I stepped up my blogging game, posting 15 times in the past month (3x as often as February!).

Sooooo . . . I think March was a mixed bag, but a partial success.  April is a big month that I have been looking forward to for some time!  Included are Annabel’s birthday, a big family trip to Disney World for Annabel’s birthday, and 4 nights in San Diego for a conference (just for me) later in the month.  Plus two days off from work in addition to those trips (!).

my least favorite day, but at least I’m going in aware
(I am anti-fool)

My goals are really recycled and boring, but here we go:

1) Continue nightly reading.  And I am going to go back to tracking in a list in a my planner, because that was fun and motivating.  Next up after Better than Before is The Girl on the Train.  I hear it is highly addicting . . .

2) Continue posting (close to) once daily.  Because I really enjoy it, and somehow more frequent posting actually seems to take the pressure off and make it even more fun

3) Try to keep MOMENT under 60 minutes/day most days again.

4) Improve eating habits because March’s chocolate consumption was rather high and recently I have felt sluggish/tired/off.  I’m not going to do a Whole30 (because um, wine) but will aim for more thoughtful choices over the next month to see if it helps.

That’s it!  Excited for this month.

 C in his first MyGym class yesterday!  Just omg.

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