rough weekend / tantrums

April 20, 2015

(This is one of those . . . honest posts, where I sometimes wish this blog were anonymous.  But I feel like it’s important to keep things real, so here we are.)

OMG.  This past weekend was not one of those blissful ones where solo parenting feels easy and effortless.  I was mostly on my own for most of Sat/Sun (Josh had work responsibilities) and:

a) It was HARD
b) It was tiring
c) It was frustrating
d) I don’t think I won any parenting awards

In lieu of “appreciating each moment”, I found myself basically counting down the seconds until I would not be on my own again.  A had tantrum after tantrum, and C was fine but added a layer of physical fatigue onto my emotional exhaustion.  (The combination: a recipe for disaster, pretty much.)  I actually had a babysitter scheduled for 3 hours on Saturday, but ended up sending her home after 1.5 because I just gave into Annabel’s tantrum (she was begging me not to leave the house.  I know, I know).

So, I guess I’ll just have to chalk it up as a learning experience.  I’m not exactly sure what I did wrong, but perhaps I needed more planned-in-advance outings or social time.  That said, we probably would have done more had A been easier to deal with.

I realize I probably should research this in some academic fashion — or maybe I’m supposed to have all of the answers already from my pediatrics training (uhhh no).  If anyone has successfully gotten through the tantrum period and has tips, I would greatly appreciate them.   Parenting book recs welcome, too.

(Should I be “picking my battles” — aka giving in more instead of holding firmer?  Things like taking a bath when dirty / letting go of mommy when she can go to work are non-negotiable, though.  I don’t feel like we are particularly strict.)

pix that are not very illustrative of the above

note the outstretched anna-costume-clad hand

she looks so angelic here . . .
(and often she is!  but sometimes . . . not.)

the physical aspect

Workout report from last week
I feel I must publish this because it is so motivating.  Sunday I don’t think I would have done the barre workout (it was during the only overlapping nap time) if it weren’t for the little nudge of accountability.
Monday: rest
Tuesday:  4 mi, 9:07/mi average (outside.  It is getting to be the season where AM runs are 80 degrees.  But we have no winter so . . . this is not a complaint)
Wednesday: 40 minute barre3 workout
Thursday: 4 mi on treadmill (6 – 6.8 mph intervals – changed with each song)
Friday: ~3.7 mi tempo: 1 mi WU at 9:09/mi, 1 mi @ 8:28, 0.31 mi recovery jog, 1 mi @8:04/mi, 0.41 mi cooldown jog
Saturday: 4 mi on treadmill (10:00/mi slow, I was tired)
Sunday: 30 minute barre3 + 1 mi treadmill run 

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