ALL IN: a weekend report

May 26, 2015
This weekend was awesome. 
We (we = me+kids) did something every morning — Saturday we hit an indoor playground, Sunday a playdate outside, and Monday our favorite children’s museum (Young At Art – we are members) — this trip was with my dad, too.   In the afternoons, C took generous naps daily (1:30 – 4-ish) and A had ‘quiet time’ (and some screen time, which seemed reasonable to me).
I really did sort of relax into things and felt like I was there.  I am actually sad to go to work today, which says something, especially after a “Josh-call” weekend.
What worked:
* Working out in the mornings (runs on Saturday & Monday; I did a barre workout on Sunday while C napped and A played with stickers and copied me when she felt like it)
* AM anchor activity every day
* A night of babysitting (Saturday — we went out to dinner with both sets of parents together)
* Social things.  Mostly with family this weekend — dinner together on Saturday and Sunday nights, plus an afternoon swim on Sunday.  I am going to miss having my parents in town!  
* LEAVING THE HOUSE every day on the early side (typically out the door by 9:30 or so)
* Not even trying to get A to nap (lost cause, and she goes to bed better without one)
* Just sort of immersing myself into things and allowing myself to enjoy A&C.  This is sometimes hard to me but went really well this weekend for whatever reason.
A few scenes from the weekend:

at Young at Art
C’s favorite: the water tables

time w/ Grandpa!

Ball pit joy

Very serious.  Also, wearing mommy’s 3″ heels and an unseasonal outfit.
Off to work.  Hopefully I can bring a similar attitude to my patients and consults this week, as I am on call.  (!)

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