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May 1, 2015

While CA was an amazing break from reality, I’m definitely still catching up from the experience.  Work piled up and home responsibilities (of the boring bill-paying sort) accumulated over the 5-day span.  And even though the trip was in many ways restful and rejuvenating, I feel physically tired even though I am mentally somewhat refreshed.

Ahh well.

I’m still glad I went!

April was a bit of a whirlwind month.  We went to Disney, celebrated A’s birthday, mourned the death of Josh’s grandfather (this still affects us all daily through the impact on other family members), and then there was CA.  As is my habit during busy times, I spent a lot of time rushing from one thing to another.

May has potential to be a lovely month, and maybe a little bit calmer.

Things I am looking forward to:

1) 2 “no call” weekends for Josh and I!  (Plus 2 Josh call weekends and 1 call weekend for me)

2) My parents are here for the month!  And rather than staying in our not-terribly-spacious home, they rented a condo about 10-minute drive north (Surfside, for the natives).  I warned them that by May here is already sticky and often stormy but they did it anyway, and I am excited.  It is my hope that they will have a great time and move towards finding a place to stay for the winters.

3) Because of #2, I have a hair appointment coming up (my semi-annual Japanese straightening).  SO IN NEED OF THIS.

4) Weekend away with Josh!  Between my parents and our nanny, A&C will be covered and Josh and I will be headed to Islamorada (one of the Keys) for a little couples getaway.  Cannot wait.

5) Yearly holiday trifecta:  Mothers’ Day, my birthday, and our anniversary.  Awww.  ALSO: this year I am taking my birthday off, after having a hellish bday last year which included all of my most complicated patents and 3 pumping sessions.  (Life has improved immeasurably since then!)

I have some modest goals for the month, but I’ll save those for later.  (Spoiler:  #1 is to FIX A’s bedtime routine.  She now can (and does) climb out of her crib and it is getting basically impossible to put her to bed before I need to go to bed.  I think her nap needs to go . . .)

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