Friday night forecast

June 13, 2015

A’s watching Angelina Ballerina, C’s in bed.  I am contemplating the next ~60 hours.  It’s the weekend!  Ours come in 4 varieties:

1) J – call.  These make up 33%.  During these weekends, I am basically on full time A&C duty for the duration.  Any planned relief time requires a babysitter.  These can be fun but are definitely draining.

2) S – call.  These occupy 20%.  These are on-call work weekends for me — I typically have to spend a few hours in the hospital each day (often something like 9 – 1pm).  Josh is in charge of the kids, though I am home/present much more on these weekends than he is on the weekends he is on.  (Physically present.  My mind is often very much focused on work/patients, which makes sense since call is a lot of responsibility and I can get called at any time.  On these weekend, I tend to be very short-fused and distracted, and I am sure not a lot of fun.)

3) BOTH OFF.  Like last weekend.  These occupy ~40%.  THESE ARE THE BEST.

4) Vacation/special.  Perhaps 7%?  Every once in a while we have something more exciting going on — vacation, or like the girls’ weekend I am going on later in the month.

Anyway, this one is a #1.  So as usual, I am armed with a detailed itinerary of playdates and plans.

Goals for this one:
* Wake up early to get in workouts because it will be annoying (and stressful) to try to fit it in later
* Not rush
* Really try to be present for both kids
* Stick to Whole30 except I must have a glass of wine at Josh’s surgery dinner Saturday night because, self-explanatory
* Spend lots of time outside

could be better . . . but could be worse

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    Good one keep it up.

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