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June 8, 2015
A week ago, I announced that I was going to make 6/1 the new 1/1.  I was feeling exhausted and cranky, and I was engaging in what I could consider “bad behavior” in two realms in particular:  crappy eating (yes, still paleo-ish but with an excess of chips, wine, and dark chocolate) + time wasted through escape into the black hole of my iPhone. 

It is June 8th today and I feel about a million times better.  I have been following Whole30 guidelines (except for one night which was a date night — no regrets) and have stayed OFF of my phone, for the most part.  My Moment app reveals that over the past 7 days, my phone screen time averaged to 28.5 minutes/day.  Previously, I am embarrassed to reveal how many days I was up over the 2 hour mark.  I have also been reading a little bit of the Jon Kabat-Zinn book on mindfulness every morning, and am loving the new (unplugged) start to the day.

Annoying things still happen.  A power outage during my treadmill run this AM, for example.  And yesterday, C took only 30 minutes nap total and paradoxically acted like I spiked his milk with Red Bull.  But I am finding that I can approach these things so much more . . . gently than I would have a week ago.  

So, that’s good.

noticing little bits of beauty walking home from the playground this evening

Weekend Report:

I ran early – 5 mi, which from my house includes about 2 mi right on the beach.  Lovely.  Then we headed to a family party.  And then the library!  Then, I did a little work while C napped and A watched a show and then hung out with Josh.  Dinner was leftovers but leftovers so good they warrant mentioning:  make Blue Ribbon Country Captain chicken now.  Finally, we watched Birdman which was really good until I fell asleep.  At like 9:30 pm.  Ahh well.

taken on the AM run.  serene!
AM barre3 workout (30 minute Total Body Rev – my go-to).  Quick morning walk to the grandparents’ house.  AM playdate @ the JCC for playground and water play time in their pool.  Brunch out, and while C didn’t nap (but was supposed to), A came with me shopping.  We are now equipped for Father’s Day and A picked out a few books at the bookstore, too.  (Note: A is now actually rather fun/easy to take out on outing.  When did that happen!?!?).  I chased around both kids while Josh did a home project with his parents.  C was insane and I much prefer it when he naps; he was in bed by 6:45 (and slept 12 hours). Takeout dinner at home, and then I passed out at 9 pm.
cutest sweetest imp
standard playground attire
I decided to track my time this week, which is why I know all of those details.  Interestingly it didn’t feel that busy, but in retrospect I suppose it was.

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  • Reply Laura Vanderkam March 10, 2019 at 7:13 pm

    Running on the beach sounds amazing. I think my phone surfing time is inversely proportional to having a book I want to read. If I’ve got a good book, I fill my time with that instead.

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