Time and space

June 18, 2015
So.  One of the things I finally (FINALLY!) got around to doing was to set up a weekly ‘free night’.  Since I’m on evening/bedtime duty* with the kids each weeknight, I just wanted one night where I . . . wasn’t.  So Thursdays are mine**.  I often have this nagging sense that I am always rushing from one checkbox to the next; that my life lacks space and margin.  So this is my attempt to mandate that I make some.

The thing is . . ummm . . .I don’t know what I want to do with it.  It is Thursday at 6:20pm and I am writing this post!  The kids are covered until 8 or 9, so I could do any number of things.  So far, though, until writing this I’ve just defaulted to work (my “results” box in our electronic medical record was getting to a state of overflow that makes me uneasy).  But I feel like this is missing the point.  That stuff is the urgent, rather than the important.  I am constantly in that mode, and one main purpose of this night was to get out of it.

One issue is that evening is NOT when I want to do any deep thinking.  I have some longer-term work projects that I could tackle, but after a full day of patient care/notes/etc my brain just isn’t ready for that right now.  What I really would like is to hit a wine bar with a friend, with Josh, or even with a book***.  Actually, even better would be my own couch — but (obviously) that wouldn’t work.

What would you do with a night off/week?  

* Don’t get me wrong; sometimes Josh gets home and helps, but usually C is asleep by then.  And I am the designated parent to arrive home to relieve our nanny by 6 pm, which just works better for our schedules.  

** I realize this is an enormous luxury.  I also realize that some may judge me as a full-time working mother who is purposely skipping out on the bedtime routine one night per week.  Ahh well.

*** And maybe I will .  . .

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