June 4, 2015
So I’m 3 days into a Whole30.  I’m sure I haven’t been following every law to the letter (example: I use butter without clarifying it to make my morning eggs.  OMG!).  However, it has forced me to cut out the few sources of less-than-optimal* foods that were previously being consumed (and on occasion overconsumed) on a day-to-day basis.  For me, there are only a few culprits:

1) Dark chocolate

2) Fries/chips (Yes, potatoes are paleo.  But chips are not unprocessed food.  And it is waaaay too easy to eat half a bag of Terra sweet potato chips without even realizing it.)

3) Paleo “treats”.  I don’t get these often but every few weeks I’ll order paleo muffins.  I think they’re healthy as muffins go, but they’re still . . . muffins.

4) WINE.

Items #1-3 have been easy.
Item #4 has not.  I’ve abstained – for 3 whole days!  But tonight we’re going on a date night!  I have no problem ordering a Whole30-friendly salad and fish/chicken/whatever.  But I am pretty certain that — rules be damned — I am going to have a glass of red.  

So, I suppose I’m planning to fail.  However, that said I DO think I am going to continue the Whole30(ish) for now.  I do (oddly) like the structure of just being committed to eating real, unprocessed food for a month and seeing what life is like without daily dark chocolate.  Plus I’ll probably appreciate it more when I’m done 🙂  HOWEVER, I’m also going to drink wine.  One glass, a couple of nights per week.  If that is bad, well . . . then I don’t want to be good.  The end.

* In my opinion

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