(i need a) V A C A T I O N

August 10, 2015

It’s here, and I have to say — I’m more than ready.

I sort of disappeared this past week due to a combination of call, sleep deprivation, and generalized angst.  Also anxiety.  I don’t consider myself to be that much of a worrier, but this past week I proved that when in the right mood, everything can seem like a potential catastrophe.  And an ordeal.

Anyway.  Call week is over (yay!) and no more for 5 weeks (double yay).  Unfortunately, Cameron is sick — both he and Annabel had what seemed like a cold, which was why no one was sleeping well.  But then his evolved into classic croup.  Last night we literally ran into his room unsure if there was a dog barking or whether it was his cough.  (It was him.)

Stridor, barking cough and fever?  Total bread-and-butter case in peds residency, aaaaaand a total nightmare in your own child.  Stridor is scary!  We actually went into the ED at midnight on Saturday night because it was so bad and I knew he needed dexamethasone.  It helped, but he was just as bad last night and febrile to 102 to boot.

We’re supposed to leave for North Carolina tomorrow.  Here’s hoping that he makes a miraculous turnaround, and quickly.

A’s ballet uniform came in the mail.  She is obsessed.
(Her class starts in September.  Note to self to put her hair up so she can see.)

Not looking all the sick yesterday afternoon

Sharing snacks (and pathogens!)

I have a million loose ends flying around in my head — things I need to do at work, at home, and for A&C.  I think I’ll feel better if I can get some sort of Master Plan out of my brain and on paper.  Hopefully that will happen at some point today.  Although I’m also really really REALLY in need of a nap.

I’m envious of OMDG’s weekend!  I hope yours was better 🙂

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