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September 15, 2015

 Hi.  I had the day off today, and it was glorious.  I haven’t posted in a week, and I have post ideas accumulating.  Hence, mind dump.  With photos.

day off
It’s Rosh Hashanah, so I took the day off to celebrate with family.  I also took the rare opportunity of a childcare/nonwork day and Kon-Mari’ed the living daylights out of our kitchen, my closet, the kids’ closets, and (to some extent) their toys.

It was amazing.  AND I even got a pedicure.  Basically best day ever.

Um.  You know how everyone is talking about “fall”?  Well, we don’t get that season.  Or any others, really.  Basically it’s either incredibly beautiful (November – March) or too hot (the rest of the time).  November feels far away right now.

I ran outside all summer, and am actually really used to it. Today’s “feels like” was 100F, and honestly it felt entirely . . . normal.  However, I am running a solid 1 minute/mi slower than I’d like to be, and blaming it on the temps.  We’ll see if my excuse holds up, come November.  (I hope.)


Annabel started ballet.  She is into it.  I remember trying ballet for about 5 seconds before figuring out that gymnastics was far more fun, since we got to flip into a foam pit.

My 2016 planner came! It’s now stowed away carefully in its box, as I don’t want any curious 3 year olds (or 18-month-olds) to festoon it with . . . decorations.  The cover I chose is leather and it’s delicious.

Josh was on call, but I had a lovely weekend. Lots of A&C time.  I did have a babysitter come for a few hours so I could run and do some work at a coffee shop, which was a nice palate-cleanser.

Speaking of palate-cleanser,
this picture?  I love it.  This kid just sparkles.  Cameron had his 18-month checkup and that went well.  26 lb (50%), 33″ (60%, but I’m not convinced it was accurate), and due for 0 vaccines, which was refreshing.  I was honestly a bit worried that our pediatrician was going to be concerned about his speech, but she wasn’t.   So, yay.

I hosted my very first drop-off playdate!  The girls played Anna&Elsa while Cameron watched in awe.  It was very cute.  Two 3-year-olds is actually easier than one, in many ways.

A&I made pumpkin muffins – made from coconut flour from Practical Paleo.  While I am not adhering to the paleo lifestyle anymore, I still love many of the recipes.  
Read this if you haven’t:
Absolutely addicting, and thought-provoking, too. 

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