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June 28, 2016

Wow everyone!  I have to say I was thrilled at the support of my new planning/organizing Insta.  In the spirit of organization, I think I will do a GTD/planning series.  Topic ideas:

✰ Inboxes and collecting
✰ Daily planning
✰ Favorite tools: PENS
✰ Favorite tools: PAPER
✰ Planning weekends & leisure time
✰ Playing with habit trackers
✰ Long-range planning: the year
✰ Mid-range planning: the week
✰ Project lists
✰ Vacations
✰ Wardrobe planning
✰ Nutrition planning/logging
✰ Next Action Lists & Management
✰ Collections
✰ Someday/Maybe
✰ Planning fitness
✰ Thoughts on Inbox-Zero
✰ Weekly review
✰ Favorite bullet journal sites/instagrams/resources

Bullet journaling / planning is currently having a moment (google image search “#bujo” if you don’t believe me) and I feel like it’s a moment I have been waiting for.  I do feel like I have developed a finely honed planning system over the years (combo of obsession + necessity) and would love to share more of it with the world.  Please let me know if you have additional ideas/questions you would like me to cover!


In other news, I am hosting book club today.  AGH!  Yes, I’m nervous.  I’ve only been a member of the group for a few months and don’t know everyone well, so I’m just hoping the the conversation flows . . and that A&C stay in bed (we start at 8 pm!).

We read Curtis Sittenfeld’s Eligible — which I chose.  It was an easy read, but I didn’t love it, which I guess might actually be a good thing as far as book club banter is concerned.  I just started A Man Called Ove on Ana‘s recommendation — it’s so good already, and wish I had come across it when I needed a book club pick!

Finally, I am proud to display A’s completed sticker chart for staying in bed all night for 9 days (THANK GOD) and her chosen prize (princess sunglasses WITH A CASE, the case apparently being the most important part).

Hooray for sleep!

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