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Planner Review #1: Full Focus

October 5, 2018
Here we go!
Notes:  I will review approximately 8 planners in this series, some of which I purchased and others that were sent to me to review (for the podcast + blog).  I will keep reviews relatively short & sweet, and will link back to all of them in a summary post!
Please note that the photos appear grainy in feedly in particular; if you click on them, the full image shows and they sharpen.  Hopefully this will not be a problem post-wordpress migration (currently in early stages, but happening!).
We will kick week #1 off with the Full Focus Planner!  This is actually an unusual case, as I purchased my own about a year ago but was sent an updated model for review.  I originally ordered it because, quite honestly, Michael and his daughter Megan (who works for his company) sold it incredibly well on their podcast (Lead to Win) and as a total planner geek I was just that curious what was inside.  

Yes, $30 curious because I believe that was the price tag.  It has since increased to $40 for a 3-month planner or $125 for 4 quarterly planner (sent in a subscription model), which is rather steep.  However, I do think this is a unique product that could be worth the investment for some users.
Style: Very professional, with a black cloth hardback cover and 2 ribbon bookmarks.  The first edition has somewhat retro lines/typefaces, which I liked; the newer one is more modern with finer lines.  It’s still nice and has an overall clean look.
in the wild
Quality/Durability:  High.  I am not worried this book would fall apart (and hey, it only needs to survive a quarter of heavy use!).  The paper is smooth, cream-colored, and my pens didn’t bleed through at all!  It also does not tend to smudge even with gel pens used by a left-hander (me).
Content: A LOT of planning and goal-setting tools are packed into this planner.  It has a number of pages just for laying out goals and generally scheming to help you lead your best life.  I could imagine spending a full afternoon in a hotel somewhere (perhaps after arriving at a conference that starts the next day?) filling out these pages.  Here’s an example of one from version 1.0:
idealized daily rituals
at least an interesting fantasy to think about!
The Ideal Week = a valuable exercise
Multiple goal setting pages and post-week analyses
There are even pages dedicated to planning out your weekends!

Every single day has its own 2-page spread, which is why this is only a planner for 3 months despite being quite sizable.  You have space for your top 3 goals, a task list, a timeline, and a whole notes page.  If you have ever wanted to get into time tracking, this format would work very well.

the old version . . .

and the new
This planner is for:
– Someone who wants 3 months of very structured pages
– Perhaps someone who is pulling out of a slump and really needs/wants a lot of space to dedicate to bringing more FOCUS to every day
– Someone with multiple projects that are in need of organization 
– Someone looking for less traditionally feminine, more business-oriented style
This planner is not for:
– Using as a family calendar or even a personal calendar – honestly, I think I’d have to have a supplemental paper or electronic system for that.  In fact, when I was using this I used my Erin Condren right along side.  I could see a Hobonichi Weeks working well with it, too since it’s so streamlined.
– Keeping yearly lists in one place
– Budget-conscious planner connoisseurs 
– Someone who wants lots of room for customization or free space (though you could do a lot of different things with the timelines/notes pages)
Questions?  I’ll try to answer!  And Planner ReviewFest will continue next Friday with a wildly different offering!  Has anyone out there tried an FFP*?
If you have a specific planner you’d like to see me review, let me know.  Especially smaller companies as they seem much more willing to send samples πŸ™‚
* Not fresh frozen plasma, medical friends – Full Focus Planner!