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Planner Review #8: Plum Paper

December 18, 2018

Whew!  We are in the home stretch of these reviews, but I really want to get them all out before planner shopping season is entirely over (and honestly, we are getting down to the wire here!).  When I set out to do these reviews, I was so excited to receive all of these planners that I didn’t think very hard about what I would do with all of them.  I clearly can’t use 10 planners (though it’s tempting), but I’ve decided that I really need to write in them to take halfway decent/interesting photos so I’m not sure anyone would want them as giveaways with my faux planning inside!  So . . . they may become Annabel’s new journals.  Ha!

This is the 3rd very customizable planner up for review in this series (previous: #3 Golden Coil and #5 Agendio).  Therefore, this is just one iteration of what you can do on the Plum Paper site!  Their planners come in multiple sizes (A5, 7″ x 9″, and 8.5″ x 11″) and formats, and you get to really get in and customize what is on the pages!  I wouldn’t say it’s quite as flexible as the Agendio (not sure anything is unless you’re drawing it yourself . . . ) but there are quite a few details you can control.

I decided to create a 7″ x 9″ using the “Me Planner” vertical format (but again — if you browse, you will note that this is just one possibility out of many!).  You get to select a cover and add initials or customization if you would like, and I chose this colorblock theme theme that may not be the most professional, but it did make me think of the ’80s and I enjoyed that 🙂

The book is about the size and heft of my ECLP.  There is a clear plastic cover over the custom paper cover, which gives it a nice look.  I could also see putting some photos or other handwritten touches between the two sheets for a craftier look.


There very pretty rainbow-colored tabs showing each month, and they seem reasonably sturdy – no bendable cardboard here.


Now to the meat of this planner!  Each month includes a goals page, where you choose your top 3 and can add other upcoming highlights for the month.  I love an effective monthly header page, and I liked the layout of this one.  The only con is that they are made of shiny paper that seems extremely smudge-prone.  I used a ballpoint pen and avoided this fate (which I absolutely detest in a mildly obsessive sort of way).


Then, there is a blank page with the month’s title on it — you could use this for anything!  I designed a habit tracker just for show, but this could be a meal plan, workout tracker, reading log, work calendar, etc.


Then, we have traditional monthly pages.  I like the column with tasks on the left.


Here’s the customized “Me” layout!  It includes a weekly task lists and then boxes for each day — and you get to choose the category names.  You can click to zoom in if you’d like!  I chose AM, PM, Work, Home, Side, Eat, Workout.  I’ve seen some people put each kid’s name on the side to track all of the activities, or you could use it for blocks of time.
Finally, I added a big fat notes section — that way the back could be a giant bullet-journal-like notebook, integrated right into the planner (as some of you are aware, I use an ‘accessory notebook’ to keep all kinds of lists and usually it’s a separate little book, but this would serve the purpose without the need for an extra item).


Again this is just one of many possible add-ons – there are all sorts of other options, including preprinted fitness pages, financial trackers, dispersed notes pages (ie add a page each month!), and even bound sticker sheets.
A password tracker is included.  I’m not going to admit to storing passwords on paper (not the most secure, I realize), but . . . it’s possible that I do this for some things.


There’s a convenient holiday listing too, with major US, Christian, and Jewish holidays.  It would be nice if this were customizable too for those with other traditions/from other countries!


Finally, there is a back pocket which is quite handy (so you could keep an additional notebook if you wanted . . . or stickers . . . etc).


With all of these features, the Plum Paper is at an impressive price point too.  While the cost is going to vary (due to the customization), you can get a lot for under $40.  They also have a referral program for $10 discounts if you refer a friend.
I will be honest: I came close to deciding to actually use this as my main planner for 2019, which is saying something!
Have any of you used Plum Paper before?  Has anyone not secured their 2019 system yet?  It’s definitely time!!
Happy Tuesday – I am done with all call for 2018!  I am proud to say I completed this past week with a minimum of angst/stress despite it being fairly busy.  Not entirely sure why, but hopefully I can build on this success in future call weeks.

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