2023 Patreon Curriculum

November 18, 2022

Laura and I came up with a curriculum of sorts for our 2023 Patreon topics. We’ve always come up with them a few months at a time, but I thought it might be fun to come up with an entire year’s worth.

So here it is!

IF quitting or cutting down on social media is something you are looking to do next year (and I can personally endorse at least a trial of less IG/FB/etc) . . . coming up with some fun alternatives is not a bad idea. I personally am a Patreon member of Planners & Wine and Amanda’s Favorites. Love the bonus content of both!

Here are the topics for each month in 2023:

January: Healthy 2023 – discussion of ways to make your body feel better so we can enjoy life more in the new year. (Specially no diet talk — not a weight-loss discussion!)

February: BOOK CLUB #1! We already have some member-submitted ideas.

March: Tough Parenting Moments

April: Obsessions — the fun kind! Cultivating and leaning into hobbies you enjoy.


June: Creating a 5 Year Travel Plan & Discussion of Travel Challenges, including:

  • toddlers
  • having a wide age spread
  • family travel later on – kids in college + beyond!

July: Beauty & Superficial Stuff — from favorite products to shopping hacks

August: BOOK CLUB #3

Sept: Time Tracking Challenge!

October: Childcare Workshop

November: BOOK CLUB #4

December: Interactive Goal Setting for (omg) 2024!

Laura and I also post 1-2x/week – happy to anonymously share questions or post a requested topic!

Cost is $9/month and everyone welcome – visit our page if you’d like to join.

PS: We usually hold sessions at 12pm Eastern, and sometimes we do a late session (~8 pm EST). They are always recorded so you can listen at your leisure while playing with planners and markers (what . . . just me)?

Back to more on-call happenings . . . 2.5 more days (and 3 nights!). I have to say I much prefer the current Monday-Monday setup to the prior Tuesday-Tuesday. Happy I will get to start next week ‘fresh’ having finished rather than dreading that last (usually busy) day!

PS: Making these tonight – thank you commenters!


  • Reply Lisa of Lisa’s Yarns November 19, 2022 at 9:06 am

    I love the plan for 2023! I’ve been a member for 6+ months I think and am also a member of 4 other book-related podcast Patreons. They are a good supplement for those who aren’t on social media or want to use it less. Two of the patreons has a mighty networks page so I could use those if I wanted although I find I’m not drawn to it. Quitting social media last December was the best decision and I have you to thank for inspiring me to do that!!

  • Reply Kristie November 19, 2022 at 12:17 pm

    I love this schedule! I’ve been listening to your podcasts for years but hadn’t joined the Patreon group yet. I have also stepped away from social media thanks to your encouragement. I’m going to join the group. Looking forward to these conversations!

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