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August 22, 2004

= the sex chromosome distribution in my house this weekend. the girly pheromones are lingering in the air, even though everyone is taking off today. it made me realize how much i miss interacting with other females. i hope that this year i’ll have a chance to hang out with some of the med school girls more and/or find some new shopping partners in the graduate school. however, ain’t no one going to replace my mad bitches.

we went shopping yesterday (of course) and i exercised restraint by not buying a 80s-looking yellow handbag or greenish blazer. since i am still thinking about these items (blazer especially), i may go back and get them, but at least i’m being responsible about it. i think i need to balance my budget before doing any more major shopping. i know there are going to be very annoying expenses coming up in the near future (USMLE step I, for instance!), and i need to be prepared for once.

after shopping and visiting the lemur facility at the university (fuzzy, weird-looking things they are), i brought us all to my favorite restaurant (lantern in chapel hill), and then to the wine bar across the street. i forgot how stressful it is to be a host! everything we did, i kept thinking, “oh god, are they going to like this? or is it just going to remind everyone how much less durham has to offer compared to san francisco/new york city/boston?”. even though i realize this is true, i like my little city/town/whatever. it has just enough for me to do as a student, plus i can afford it. but i know it’s not new york.

girls, if you’re reading this i hope you had fun! i loved, loved, LOVED getting to see everyone, especially all together. it’s amazing how little the dynamics between us have changed. last night felt to me just like we were back at sewall house, even though that was 2+ years ago. perhaps our next reunion will be in a more exotic locale, but i don’t even care. i would go anywhere.


What Name Should You Have? by Lauren

i think the pheromones are getting to my head.

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