regression part ii

August 28, 2004

so now i’m in havertown, visiting my parents. josh and i flew here for $58 each round-trip on US Airways. even though everyone makes fun of “useless air”, i have to say i am a fan of any airline that will fly me somewhere for less than the price of gas. much less, if i were planning to drive an SUV or a hummer. which would never happen. but i digress.

josh likes to tell me that whenever we go to visit my family, i start acting like i’m 14 again. he might be right, but is that really so shocking? i mean, i spent the bulk of my childhood and teen years living in havertown with my parents, and then i left. i don’t have much experience acting like an adult around here. i’m going to work on it, though.

while i was on the plane, i managed to crack open first aid for usmle step 1, just to see what all the fuss is about. it was more than a little scary. does this exam mean i actually have to learn anatomy? i thought i was going to get away with being a doctor someday even though i have to think for a second before i can remember where the radius is located. but maybe not. i could blame my lack of anatomical knowledge on my school’s rushed curriculum, but it would be a ferocious lie. i am that bad at anatomy for the same reason that i got lost 90 seconds from my house yesterday: i have no spatial skills whatsoever. maybe i need to play more video games.

in some ways, i look forward to studying for the boards, because it would be so satisfying to finally get a handle on all that information that was thrown upon me over the last 2 years. or at least some of it. but it also seems very overwhelming from this vantage point, and not necessarily the most worthwhile way to spend hours and hours of my time. as much as i wish it weren’t true, i know i’m going to forget most of the material i review soon after (or before) the exam. it would be nice to become a permanent encyclopedia of basic science and clinical knoweldge, but i know several weeks of cramming are not going to make that happen. after all, mama didn’t raise no fool.

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