August 12, 2004

so i wrote a whole entry already, but then the website went down and it got erased. since i am sick sick sick and therefore too swimmy-headed to recreate what was there, i’m just going to give it to you straight, in list form:

1. i am sick, as mentioned above. T-max of 103.7 today – i didn’t know i could still have fevers that high. i think i have the flu. i went to student health and my strep test was negative and my white count normal, so i’m leaning towards a viral diagnosis. the entry that got erased had an elaborate differential, but that was silly. really, it’s a goddamn virus, and most likely the flu. even if it is august.

2. i missed work again, and i’m worried i’m going to end up missing even more. i wish i had a real job, so i could just take Sick Days and not feel bad about it. instead i feel like i’m doing something “wrong.” but what mother/caregiver wants her three year old in for a well-child-check exposed to a febrile med student dripping with viruses? plus i feel so lethargic and headachy that it would be unbearable. and it’s not like the practice depends on me for, well, anything.

3. some french-language blog has posted a picture of my just-bought-but-not-yet-arrived shoes along with a link to my blog! there’s even a caption that says “sarah sprung for these” (in french) and a comment (also in french) saying “sarah has good taste.” merci beaucoup! but i wonder how this happened? check it out: i suppose it’s my 15 minutes of french fame.

that’s about it. again, hoping for miraculous recovery in the AM, but not so optimistic what with the shaking chills and 103.7 and all. fortunately, i can bring the temps down quite readily with ibuprofen, but when it starts to wear off, all hell breaks loose.

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