August 14, 2004

[for the non-medical people, a SOAP note (subjective, objective, assessment, and plan) is the format used to write daily progress notes on patients in the hospital or in outpatient clinics.]

S: the patient reports no noticeable improvement in symptoms today. she was able to get up and walk around a bit, and managed to drive back to durham from fayetteville, but is still rather lethargic. she reports continued sore throats and fever. she also reports being really, really sick of being sick.

O: Tmax 102.6, Tc 100.1 (on ibuprofen & tylenol). BP who knows, HR around 80, respirations at about 15/minute. pulse oximeter not available.

physical exam: unchanged. pt appears generally disheveled and sweaty, but is in no acute distress.

labs & studies: none.

A: pt still appears to be suffering from viral illness, likely influenza. pt unfortunately seems to be making little or no improvement, but this is to be expected given typical duration of flu illnesses.

P: continue ibuprofen and tylenol, continue moral support, and wait for damn immune system to get a grip already and kill the viruses!

* * * * * *

shoes: so the question is, did i remember them all? i was able to check today since i made it back to durham. the results . . . i did pretty well overall, but sadly i did in fact miss several pairs.

1. the pair that josh pointed out in yesterday’s comments – a very cute and new pair of black 9 west mules that are sort of uncomfortable, but look very professional and are good to wear with skirts.

2. old brown thick-soled shoes that are very dirty and have no redeeming qualities

3. orange plasticky slides bought in italy as i somehow thought they were comfortable. man, was i wrong on that one.

someone posed a question: will i actually throw these forgotten pairs out? i am going to keep #1, because that was pure oversight, and i just got them! but i have pitched #2 and #3 in the trash can. i would have donated them or something, but i don’t think anyone would have wanted them.

* * * * * *

there are tornado warnings in areas near here (which freaks me out!) and severe thunderstorm warnings and flash flood warnings to boot. i have a feeling that between hurricane charley and my flu, i’m going to be staying in this house for quite a while. cabin fever, here i come.


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