September 18, 2004

maybe it’s the rain. maybe it’s the lack of sun. maybe it’s the ominously shortening daylight hours. maybe i spend too much time writing blogs. maybe it’s just my body’s natural reaction to adjusting to a new routine. whatever the cause, i’ve been exhausted lately. i passed out before 10:00 yesterday while josh and i were supposed to be watching a movie. and the movie could have been good, too.

i feel a little bit overwhelmed about how much i have to/want to accomplish this weekend. here’s what i have to/want to do, because if i write it down for all the public to see, it may encourage me to actually do it rather than watching cribs reruns on mtv.


– finish problem set for last chapter of pharm

– study pharm, ’cause the take-home test starts monday!

– read some biochem, because i’ve been seriously slacking and i want to finish the book by the end of september

– go into lab saturday to get data from insulin assay & transfer some cells

– read sundry articles for seminars, class


– tons of laundry

– clean my bathroom (for the love of god)


– shop for my sister’s bday present

– perhaps shop a little for me . . .

– buy usmle books

– figure out what to cook for next week & go grocery shopping

see? i’m tired just looking at this list. i miss my vacation (and my quasi-vacation). i apologize, as this ranks as probably the most boring blog entry ever. i can’t always be interesting, you know.

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