hopes, dreams, and aspirations?

October 1, 2004

i don’t want to get too political. in truth, i’m afraid to, because i don’t really feel like i know enough and i run the risk of looking like a dumbass. but the debate last night was fairly interesting. here are my impressions.

take them as just that – impressions from a politically unsavvy democrat who isn’t sure how her country should be run but is sure she doesn’t like how it is now:

– at first, kerry made me a little nervous. at that point, i was listening to the debate on npr rather than watching it, and his much faster speech cadence (and the absence of that crucial southern twang) made me feel like he was coming off as too intense next to bush’s ‘friendly’ (excuse me while i vomit) drawl

– but when i turned on the tv, i was struck by how much taller/calm/collected kerry looked. i think the cameramen must be democrats. who told bush to hunch over like that?? score 2 points for kerry! you know, i’ve read when people watch a debate with the sound off OR on, they choose the same side as the winner. and kerry looked far better than old w did last night.

– w stands for what-EVER. he kept repeating himself! and listing things to fill up space. ‘hopes, dreams, and aspirations’ is not eloquent. it is redundant. and the constant refrain of ‘the leader of the country cannot be changing positions’ stuff was incredibly annoying.

– kerry didn’t come up with any ‘i have a dream’ gems, but i think he responded very appropriately to a lot of the accusations bush put forth (interestingly, i felt that kerry was very much on the defensive side through much of the debate. wouldn’t you think it should have been bush, who (in my opinion) fucked up so much over the last 4 years? go figure).

– they both were nice when they talked about character. either they both really are that squeaky-clean, or they have equally atrocious skeletons in their closets and made an unbreakable pact not to tell everyone else.

i realized that writing this blog means i could never be president. i’m announcing things to the world that would never fly in conservative america – my religious viewpoints (and ignorance), my living in sin, my laziness . . . i wouldn’t last 2 seconds on the campaign trail. fortunately, i would rather gouge my eyes out with an unsharpened pencil than be in charge of a country. i get anxious just taking care of my cells.

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