sweet siRNA success

October 16, 2004

well, it took 3 tries, but i finally i got my rt-pcr data to look the way it’s supposed to, controls and all! on my 2 prior attempts, the machine responded to my painstakingly loaded plates with data that made little sense at all, leading me to believe that either my pipettes were possessed by an impish lab spirit or i was making multiple dumb errors in the drawn-out process of rna isolation, quantification, cdna reaction, and rt-pcr itself.

either way, i got the thing to work! that makes me happy. also, it’s still only friday night and i have a whole weekend free of pharmacology retreats and take-home exams.

josh and i went on a lovely date this evening to see team america: world police. how romantic, right? no, actually, i liked the movie. so did josh.

1. i didn’t fall asleep, so it passed the rigorous zzz-test.

2. it was creative (not many all-puppet movies these days), but at the same time relied on the most obvious/simple tricks ever — puppets having wild sex, puppets vomiting, puppets walking in silly fashion. i have to say that somehow most of these gags worked: i haven’t laughed as hard in a movie in a while. i think halfway through (or earlier), you realize that the movie is one big slapstick gag, and you’re either ok with that, and enjoy the rest, or you spend the rest of the time rolling your eyes and thinking how much smarter you are than the rest of the audience. which you’re not, by the way.

we also discovered a new restaurant in chapel hill — tallula’s. i had this craving for turkish/greek food and realized that it was due to the book i’m still reading — middlesex. i strongly recommend both the book and (if you live around here) the restaurant. turkish pizza: if this ever catches on, it could put the italians out of business. so good.

anyway, it’s a new weekend and i’m obviously in a good mood. i’m going to stop gushing now. the end.

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