November 18, 2004

i can’t see what i’m typing right now, because my eyes are all dilated from the most thorough eye exam i’ve had in quite a while. i was hesitant to go to a new eye doctor, because my eyes are, for a 24-year old, pretty remarkably bad. but the old-school southern optometrist i just visited was very nice. his office wasn’t fancy and his instruments weren’t new, but i could tell he did a good job.

a lot of times when i go to the doctor or dentist i don’t want to say that i’m a medical student, because then they tell me more than i feel like hearing. while examining my eyes today, the very well-meaning gentleman commented, “now i’m checking to see what your optic nerve looks like. i’m sure you know that when it’s bulging out, it’s a sign of elevated intracranial pressure, associated with things like a subdural hematoma or a brain tumor.”

of course, my optics nerves were not bulging out, but still, i didn’t necessarily want to be thinking about that with my eye open wide, blinded by a bright light. i’m not saying that it was a wrong thing to say, and i think some medical students would appreciate little ‘lessons’ given during their appointments, but i don’t like it. i want to zone out, dissociate from the entire examination experience, whether it be in my mouth, in my eye, or elsewhere. for example, i once had an ob/gyn pa tell me, while exploring some delicate territory, ‘wow, you have a really retroverted uterus.’ great.

i’m sure everyone wanted to read about that.

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i get to do my first mstp applicant INTERVIEW tomorrow. i wonder if i really have any power at all in the decision-making process. well, if nothing else, the student will think i have that power. which is mind-boggling to me. i feel old.

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one more thing: anyone have any experiences with lasik (laser vision correction surgery)? i’m sort of thinking about it now. after all, if jessica simpson went for it . . .


  • Reply littlecatholicslut November 18, 2004 at 9:25 pm

    sarah, i totally know what you mean about doctors and too much information for med students. my ob/gyn is always like, "do you want to see your cervix?" umm, no. and i don't want to look at any smears they do either. on the lasik note, my friend got her eyes done a few months ago and she loves the results. me, personally, i'm scared to do it for fear they mess up and i end up blind. 🙂

  • Reply Stanty8 November 19, 2004 at 4:49 am

    Heya… The consensus I've heard about lasix is that nobody really knows the long-term effect of the procedure. In fact, the FDA never approved it – they merely approved the use of lasers in eye procedures. I know the air force / airlines won't let people who have it be pilots – there's always the danger the corneal flap could come "unglued". I say wait a bit. They're coming out with new stuff too, like hard contacts that you wear overnight (but not during the day) that mold your corneas so that you see correctly during the day… my $0.02

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