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November 22, 2004

kaplan training session #3 went well. i got to teach about mitosis and embryogenesis (admittedly not in much detail), and i got to draw lots of pictures on the board. it really annoys me that i can’t seem to write straight and neat on a white board, a fact which would shock most people who know me because my handwriting is — well, i tend to get the following comments:

“that looks like a computer wrote it!”

“you can’t be a doctor when you write like that!”

“you’ll stop writing like that soon enough, heh heh”

and, the one that has always puzzled me,

“how can you write like that when you’re left handed?”

why are left-handed people ‘supposed’ to have worse handwriting? i know some lefties tend to write with their hands contorted in some odd fashion, but i don’t think i do. (do i?) i’ve never been sure as to what makes writing more challenging when performed with the left hand, but people tend to think lefty = bad writing.

my entire family is left-handed, although my mother has some wishy-washy right-handed leanings. anyway, i digress (i mean, i REALLY digressed). back to kaplan . . .

the math queen who questioned the kaplan methodology is no longer training with us — whether this was her decision or that of the authorities, i’ll never know, but someone who stands up and starts yelling about the travesty of not doing problems the real way on the GMAT was probably not cut out for the job. and sarg was there in full force, critiquing other students in an obnoxious manner (um, hello, are you a certified kaplan teacher trainer?), but it sort of provided me with some entertainment, so i didn’t mind so much.

only 2 more sessions left until i graduate (and start earning some real $, heh heh). yippee!

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