March 9, 2005

my laundry is done. my bathroom is clean. my powerpoint is done.
everything is fabulous. except for this one thing* . . .

I FREAKIN WANT TO END MY ROTATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have been half-assedly making appearances in lab for the last couple of
weeks, trying to finish a couple of experiments. some people might thrive
off of the idea that they can show up for only 2 hours every day (or so)
and not get yelled at, but i can’t stand it. i want to be a real lab
member or i want to be gone: this in-between stuff is killing me.

i keep yelling at my sister for complaining too much (on line, on her
blog) — i mean i know life in the riviera working 3 days a week is
reaaaallly haaaaard — and now here i am complaining on mine. so to
rebecca: i apologize. but i am going to go one more step with my
complaining and acknowledge:

the situation is entirely under my control, i.e. i can quit any
time, really.

and therefore: i think i’m going to try to put an end to it all (the
rotation) on friday instead of dragging it out another week.


1. i highly doubt i’m really going to get much more done
2. i’m not learning anything really anymore
3. i want to start in my new lab!
4. i want to have a real spring break, and we have no classes next week!

so there we have it. i am going to talk to my mentor (who keeps calling
me disgustingly irritating names such as ‘girlie’ and, oh god,
‘chickadee’) and tell her i’m through. i’ll schedule a meeting with the PI to discuss results, and then i will move on. yeah!!

*2 things, really. my spring wardrobe needs a serious overhall.

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