lame, but hangover-free!

March 18, 2005

josh and i went out last night for st. patrick’s day. sort of. we actually just ate some irish food at the federal, drank some guinness (and josh also had some green beer, which was not sufficiently green for our tastes), and went home to watch basketball . . . at around 8:30 pm.

wrapped up in a blanket burrito-style on the couch (it was cold!), we proceeded to fall asleep while wake forest beat chattanooga. at 9:00 pm.

it’s interesting: i can barely remember what i liked about drinking a lot and staying out late. i suppose i used to drink when i was sort of unhappy and wanted to forget about everything, or when i felt socially uncomfortable and wanted to make things easier. now people can taunt me for being ‘lame’ and i really could care less. i have no desire to poison my liver (and the rest of my body) with multiple drinks, and i guess i have less of a need to dissociate. i still love to drink wine, and i still think it’s fun to have dinner parties where people start becoming louder and more colorful in their conversations and before you know it, everyone’s a little tipsy, but i just can’t get into the club/bar scene anymore.

oh well.

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