liberation: roton no more!

March 11, 2005

i did it: i quit my rotation. i split my last batch o’ brain tumor cells. announcing my plans to leave felt similar to when i broke up with this kid in high school because it was clear to both of us that we didn’t even like each other very much. it didn’t hurt (either of us), but we weren’t super-nice to each other afterwards, either. anyway, it’s over. and i’m starting in my *real* lab in a week and a half, and now i’m free. very free. and i like it.

i should quit things more often.

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oooh, i like this. it’s a ‘states i have visited’ map. so simple, yet so entertaining. i can’t believe i’ve conquered such a large area of the eastern US. and by ‘conquered’, i mean ‘set foot in’, but still. large gap in the midwest and in that whole block of north dakota and montana-sort of states, but i’m not sure i care. but i hope to someday (soon?) make it to hawaii . . .

create your own visited states map!

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