March 24, 2005

so i’m now a real, full-fledged member of the lab! i have my own desk, my own bench, and (yay!) my own set of pipets. and i get to order things i want like test tube racks and such from vwr, ie, go shopping. which is awesome.

but i have no idea what i’m actually doing yet. i mean, i have a few projects that i’m going to be starting on, but i think it will be a while before i’m completely independent. i suppose my tasks at this point should be:

a) reading papers and learning about what i’m working on

b) getting cells from people (harder than it sounds), treating them with cytokines, and looking at levels of my new favorite transcription factor, as well as remembering how to do the ol’ glucose-sensitive-insulin-secretion assays. so quickly we forget . . .

c) set up lab-bench area with various stock solutions that i’m going to be needing (although i suppose i’ll make most of them as i go)

i’m extra excited because this is a lab where everyone is spoiled rotten, supply-wise. apparently, i will never have to pour my own gel again, because we buy them all ‘premade!’. they even have lovely pre-fab transferring ‘sandwiches’ (little stack of absorbative materials used to get the proteins in your gel to go from the gel to a membrane), which is the laziest thing ever. but i’m not complaining.

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i decided that i watch too much trashy* tv. i am going to cut down for a while, starting now. this means that unless i’m at the gym watching it while actually doing something, no more stupid reality shows, mtv crap, or the like. we’ll see how long this actually lasts . . .

*trashy’ does not include NCAA basketball or desperate housewives though there hasn’t been a new episode in over a month. what’s the deal!?

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