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April 27, 2005

i go to my *last* official class this morning. 8:45 am, cellular signaling (pharmacology 417) — and then it’s all over. sure, i’ve still got my pharm seminar, but that’s just once a week and requires little more than attendance, so i don’t really think it counts.

i’ve been going to classes in one form or another for something like 22 or 23 years now. i started at the little cherry street school when i was two — we probably learned things like ‘how to scribble more prettily’ and ‘your baby sister is not a toy’. then came miss annette’s nursery school, then lynnewood elementary, then haverford middle/high schools, then williams, then duke med, then duke pharmacology — and now it’s all just . . . over. no fanfare, no graduation ceremony, no nothing.

although i think i just might treat myself to a celebratory pedicure. my feet are in desperate need.

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