spawn of britney

April 15, 2005

i was talking to one of my fellow pharmacology students after class one day, and (completely unprovoked) he stated, in kind of a nonchalant way, that nothing was working for him in his lab, and he wasn’t having any fun, and that he was thinking of quitting.

i was pretty shocked. not because it didn’t make sense (after all, if you hate what you’re doing, and you don’t think you want to keep doing it, what would possibly be the point of continuing it, when there are so many other options in the world?), but because i had never heard someone mention it as an option.

and i’m not saying that i want to quit (i don’t, not at all), but it was a nice reminder: no one’s making me stay in school, and if i wanted, i could leave at any time. i could be, like, ceo of kaplan instead. or even a non-desperate housewife, for that matter. yes, i’ve put in three years — but so what? that’s not a reason to do anything.

anyway. so dude, on a more important note, britney’s finally admitted that she’s pregnant. the only thing i can’t figure out is why she wouldn’t admit it before, when she was starting to show so obviously? perhaps we will find out on her reality tv show, coming next fall. she so wants to be jessica simpson. although, really, don’t we all?

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