5 squared

May 20, 2005

i suppose i’m 25 now. an anticlimactic morning. i never really grew out of the early-childhood phase where one believes that one’s birthday is an event, a milestone of utmost importance. not that i’m expecting (or deserving) of showers of gifts or anything like that, but i want to be honored. i want to wear the special burger king crown (we had one in in my second grade classroom reserved for this purpose, i believe. or was it third?).

heh. 25, 25, 25. in some ways i feel younger — it doesn’t help that everyone who looks me over decides instantly that i must be 17 (hello, height does NOT correlate with age past a certain point! and 5’1″ isn’t that short! in japan, anyway). i still read multiple trashy magazines and i care what lindsay lohan and christina aguilera wear to various awards shows. but in many respects i feel older — wanting to sleep a nice 8 hours a night, lasting until midnight only on the rarest evenings out, and generally embracing routine. obsessing over desperate housewives (ha).

whether i’m 15 or 50 inside, it’s been a good quarter century.

top 5 (in no order of importance) events:

* emerging from birth canal (that rocked)
* losing the #1 spot to rebecca
* deciding to go to medical school
* meeting and falling in love with josh
* performing at disney world with my cheerleading squad (just kidding, i couldn’t thnk of a 5th to match the other 4)

top 5 things i accomplished:

* learned to walk
* learned to speak and read (i’m lumping these together)
* survived 20 years of formal schooling
* survived adolescence emotionally intact
* survived clinical rotations without going completely insane

top 5 things to do in the next quarter:

* get married
* have babies (2-3)
* develop a career that i love
* raise babies
* spend as much time i can with family and friends, because life is short.

the end.

i’m allowed to be this cheesy and sentimental, it’s my birthday! regular bitterness and whining will return tomorrow, right on schedule. don’t worry.


  • Reply Marcia (OrganisingQueen) May 19, 2020 at 8:59 am

    Agree! 25-year-old Sarah was so cute!

  • Reply Anisha May 19, 2020 at 1:12 pm

    OMG 25 year old Sarah would be very proud of current Sarah :). Happy 40th, current Sarah!

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