May 26, 2005

i’m not sure what to do with myself today. i’m in lab — we won’t discuss what time i actually arrived — which is a good start, but i’m finding myself devoid of actual lab-type work to perform. i’m waiting for a plasmid, some primers, and a primer/probe real-time set to come in the mail. without these things, i’m sort of stuck and feeling rather useless.

i’m envious of the people in lab who seemed swamped with endless projects and seem to be generating figure after figure. i’m sure when i get to that point, i’ll be stressed beyond my wildest imagination trying to get 47 things done at once, but from this vantage point it seems ideal. i know, i know, i’ll think back to those days like today and say to myself, ‘dumbass, you should have just left that place and lounged around in the sun while you could have’ but it just seems wrong.

oh well.

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the mad bitches (fabulous group of college friends that i miss a lot) are planning our second sort-of-annual reunion. we’re trying to figure out where to go — i personally was thinking something outrageous and girly (bahamas?) but we’re all fairly poor and therefore trying to be a bit more realistic. which is probably good becuase now that i think about it, if josh wanted to jet off to the bahamas with his friends, i would be insanely jealous. (to clarify, i don’t mean jealous like paranoid-jealous as in ‘he will see hot girls in bikinis!!’ but jealous as in pouty-jealous ‘i want to cooooooome tooooooooooo how could you do something that fun without meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!’).

anyway, so it looks like we’re headed to somewhere like maine or charlottesville or (the most glamorous) san francisco. either way, we’re going to tear shit up.

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