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June 9, 2005

i just woke up from a very vivid dream in which my parents were planning on bringing my sister and me on a trip to morocco and egypt, but they had forgotten to tell me this until the night before our plane was supposed to leave. there are several things wrong with this scenario:

1) my parents are about as likely to go to these places as i am to voluntarily spend a week in antarctica without a winter coat (and we all know how i feel about the cold)

2) if they did, for some bizarre reason go to a place like this, there is no way they’d take me

anyway, so in my dream i ended up deciding not to go because my i just couldn’t abandon lab for 5 days. interestingly, the dates were thurdsay to a tuesday, same as the miami trip i’m going on next week. is someone perheps feeling a little bit guilty?

oh well, what can i do? if i’m super lucky, my plasmid construct will have actually worked by then, and i’ll be able to leave triumphantly while my 293 cells begin to grow virus (this actually is a passive process that takes a while so it would be great for it to happen while i’m gone!). but based on oh, the past 15 attempts i’ve made to create the construct, my hopes are not high. i’ve become quite the scientific pessimist in the last couple of months, but who could blame me? arhgh.

ok, off to lab!

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