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June 2, 2005

i don’t really get this ‘meme’ thing. i want to pronounce it like “mehm”, which means ‘same’ in french (i just verified this with my fluent sister — i wasn’t quite sure, but had vague memories from back-in-the-day french class). but i guess it really means a survey that gets passed from one blog to the other, in chain-letter fashion, but somewhat more interesting than your standard you-will-be-cursed-if-you-do-not-forward-this-to-25-friends version. remember when those things actually came in the mail, like on actual paper!? i told you i’m old.

anyway. i was ‘tagged’ (lots of quotes today) by the lovely cara, and because i just cannot let her down, here goes:

music meme

Total number of music files on my computer: um, none. i put them on my iPod and erase them from my hard disk, because my lame-ass laptop cannot handle My Collection. there are 2027 songs on my iPod thus far, however. just a note: i’m kind of against stealing music. pretty much everything on my iPod is from a CD that i’ve bought or an iTunes song that i’ve downloaded. when songs cost a dollar, i feel that even i can afford them. and i want to support the industry. ok, off my soapbox.

The last CD I bought: ben folds ‘songs for silverman’, aimee mann ‘the forgotten arm’. the last cds received (for my birthday) included the new ben lee, the killers, some alicia keys, and the live coldplay album.

Song playing right now: well, it’s in my head and not actually out loud, but aimee mann’s ‘dear john’ from the new album.

five songs that I listen to a lot: i’m just going to go straight to the iPod to see which were most frequently played, because i’m lazy like that.

1. Idioteque, Radiohead
2. Take Me Out, Franz Ferdinand
3. Nothing Is Good Enough, Aimee Mann
4. Dear Catastrophe Waitress, Belle and Sebastian
5. Respect, Aretha Franklin (wow, that was random).

Next on the chopping block:

1. stanton from stanty8
2. vickie from bottomsuptopsdown
3. rebecca (my sister) at icantbelieveireallyhaveablog . . . if she ever freakin posts again! maybe this will inspire her.

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