July 8, 2005

this is more than a little embarrassing, but whatever.

i came to the conclusion yesterday that i am indeed have a full-fledged phobia of lightning. i never really liked it much (**understatement**), but i never realized (until actually having to deal with it) the extent of my, um, issue.

things that i know are unreasonable but are in fact, sadly true:

1. i spent all of tuesday and thursday freaking out because there was a forecast for thunderstorms that night and i knew i’d have to drive to raleigh (30 minutes each way) for kaplan

2. i pretty much had a full-fledge panic attack while driving home last night during a lightning storm (it was a pretty bad one, but still). all the cheesy symptoms they talk about in psychology that sound so ridiculous? shortness of breath? palpitations? feelings of imminent doom? nausea? check, check, check, check.

i am totally aware that my fears are ridiculous, although i suppose some cold hard facts about the absolute UNLIKELIHOOD of ever being struck by lightning would help. i really, really want to get over this, though. i KNOW it’s unreasonable. i just have to really believe it, i guess.


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