summer daze

July 12, 2005

it’s so nice when i graph something in excel and the data actually comes out looking GOOD for once. no bizarre unexplainable spikes, and no frustrating ‘holes’ because the voodoo real-time machine decided that it didn’t feel like reading Well D6 that day.

i’m kind of inexplicably feeling better about my project (the pretty graph didn’t hurt). if nothing else, it will be decent enough to put together a (boring) poster for september’s departmental conference/retreat. and then maybe i’ll move on to something else, project wise, or i won’t. at least the head of the lab will be reminded that yes, i do still work here . . .

speaking of retreats, i’m about to enter a crazy period of time where every single weekend carries a different event or destination. most of these are fun events/destinations, but i know it’s going to be absolutely exhausting. weekend hi-jinks (after this weekend, which happens to be josh’s LAST weekend before he takes his boards) include:

*in order and sadly with NO breaks in between*:

1. a camp-themed wedding in the berkshires
2. a wedding-planning visit from josh’s parents
3. a wedding-planning visit from my parents (yes, the very next week)
4. a trip to fort lauderdale to learn how to be a better kaplan trainer (and to apparently be treated quite nicely by the company — yeah!)
5. mad bitches reunion weekend in charlottesville, VA
6. stupid ethics retreat in wrightsville beach, nc

these weekend jaunts are going to be fun (well, except the damn ethics thing) but it’s going to be crazy. combined with the facts that things are heating up in lab (i think! i hope!), i’m STILL working at kaplan, i’m starting official marathon training again on monday (philadelphia, here i come!) — it’s going to be a crazy rest-of-the-summer.

at least i won’t be bored.

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