the word blogaversary is disgusting

July 27, 2005

and yet i have decided to use it anyway. yeah, so it’s been a whole YEAR since i started this blog, inspired by vickie and michelle and the fact that i was bored out of my mind (and lost, and all alone) in lumberton, north carolina.

since that time, i have acquired a fiance, completed a marathon and one year of graduate school, and have bought far too few pairs of cute shoes (i can only think of 3). i was going to write a whole retrospective-type entry complete with links, but unfortunately i have gotten much too lazy for all that. my overall impressions from a quick perusal of the archives:

– lumberton sucked, but spawned this blog, which was definitely a good thing
– i stress out a lot over . . . stuff

here’s to another year of whining/planning/listing/analyzing/gossiping/venting. and more shoe proliferation.

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