decisions, decisions

October 7, 2005

so i’m a dumbass and i pre-registered for this half-marathon in greensboro, nc, tomorrow. there was no *reason* to pre-register; as if that race was going to sell out! now they’re calling for nasty stormy weather tomorrow morning. i feel like my stormphobia has gotten better, but do i REALLY want to be out in the middle of a random wilderness-type half-marathon and get poured on (and possibly electrocuted to death? (yes, i’m paranoid, but seriously)).

i actually really don’t. in fact, i want to just sleep in. do i drag my ass out there just because i paid the $35? will it really make it any more ‘worth it’ if i have a miserable time? of course, there’s always the chance that i could have a good time, but with the current forcast i doubt it.

so yeah. i think i just threw $35 out the window. i will consider it a donation to the Greensboro Half Marathon fund. not an UNWORTHY cause, right? right? whatever.


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