October 14, 2005

from the fabulous doctorsquared . . .


First best friend: gregory, the kid down the street in philadelphia with a lisp. don’t feel that bad for him, though, he made it to med school too.

First Car: (& only) 2002 vw golf, silver. first family car: 1978 chevy malibu. puke green. awesome.

First kiss: eric, age 13. he’s gay now. no, really. but i think he was gay already.

First makeout: i don’t think anyone wants to read about this one

First big trip: car (that i can remember): charlottesville, va, with my family while my dad was on a business trip. actually, that would apply to most trips (the business trip part, not the charlottesville). unless they were of the grandparental kind.

First flight: i don’t know. first that i remember: to florida (one of those grandparent voyages)

First time skiing/snowboarding: seventh grade.

First concert: barenaked ladies, 1995

First Alcoholic Drink: i used to taste the wine at the table sometimes. but first illicit drinking was in the back of the van with the other cheerleaders on the way to some event. and (oh dear lord) it was wine cooler.

First ticket violation: despite my reputation as not-the-best-driver, i have yet to get one of these so-called ‘tickets’. i have, however, been warned twice. i guess cops must think i’m cute.

First job: babysitting. i remember getting paid $2.50/hr. highway robbery, bitches!

First date: with little danny s. in the 6th grade. i think we went to the movies. his mom drove. it was precious. there was no first kiss that time around, though.


Last car ride: uh, into lab today?

Last kiss: i don’t kiss and tell (except for thefirst one, that story is too good not to tell. though the recipient of this last kiss is pretty obvious.

Last time you cried: ok, this is ridiculous, but i was watching an old ‘america’s next top model’ — the one where adrian wins? and when they announced it, and she was so surprised, i cried. a little. i think that was yesterday.

Last movie watched: part of ‘ladykillers’. we keep falling asleep before it ends.

Last food you ate: some pretzels (while typing this)

Last love: nothing compares to my current (and permanent) love.

Last temptation: to work from home this morning while preparing my lab meeting presentation. i succumbed to that one.

Last item bought: (wow, c., we’re twins!) entry into the cary half-marathon on oct 23. did i learn my lesson from last time? i guess not. but my friend s. signed up and i wouldn’t let her down by not going.

Last annoyance: annoyances are so transient. i can’t even remember.

Last time wanting to die: like, ACTUALLY wanting to die? never.

Last alcoholic drink: beer at BeerFest.

Last concert: coldplay (again, c. and i are twins)

Last phone call: made: to josh whining ‘when are you coming hooooooooome’ received: josh calling to say ‘now!’ at 9:00 pm.

Last friend you added on MYSPACE: myWHAT?


Current Best Friend(s): josh.

Current Car: 2002 vw golf!

Current love: duh.

Current drink: none. although i really want a glass of wine for some reason.

Current activity: um, writing down all this stuff?

Current annoyance: none.

Current mood: nervous about my upcoming lab meeeting. ready to go home.


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