January 31, 2006

i am poor. not like, seriously poor, but like — scraping the bottom of my checking account poor. this is because, i:

– just bought a new (fabulous) iBook (most of the reason)
– am addicted to whole foods
– really like to go out to eat things like sushi and cassoulet
– don’t earn all that much money.

plus, because i finally came to my senses (thanks to a certain wise and smart fiance), i’m also going to be reducing my kaplan teaching/training load.

this means i am offcially in recession. ugh. i suppose this means i should think about ways that i’m going to do better, spending-wise. i think it’s mainly just that i have to make up for buying this computer, so things shouldn’t be permanently so tight. but temporarily, i need to watch it.

things i can do to save money without really minding that much:

– only ONE dinner out per week that we pay for, max
– aforementioned dinner should be somewhere cheap (cheap as in BURRITOS-cheap) except for maybe once a month because hello, life is too short to be totally rigid ALL the time
– buy produce at whole foods, ’cause it’s better, but then get other stuff at the kroger. i mean, oatmeal is oatmeal, whether it is Organic and Sprouted or just plain old quaker. or generic.
– no new clothes for a while (although i really haven’t been so bad in this area lately)
– um, that’s all i can come up with.

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