born into luck

February 20, 2006

i was in a funk all weekend. or a slump. or whatever you’d like to call it. pressure (self-imposed, of course) seemed to be coming from multiple sides: the wedding, lab, running, even stupid things like the laundry (yes, ridiculous). all i wanted to do was relax (because it’s just *necessary* sometimes, you know?), but for some reason i felt guilty every time i even thought about just lying down and reading or watching a movie.

and then on sunday an experiment that had kept me in the lab most of saturday totally failed, dashing my hopes of having an exciting new poster for my trip to williams. i scrawled ‘i hate science’ across the results and left in a huff on sunday afteroon, tired from running 16 miles and chasing some stupid scientific idea for too long.

i know, i know. my life is just SOOOO hard, with the lab and the running and the LACK OF CABLE TV.

and then i got home and watched born into brothels. um, reality check? there it was, in a powerful film about the incredibly sad and most-likely futureless lives of the bright and lively children living in the red light district of calcutta. i can’t believe i was sulking about the things i was sulking about. i am seriously getting the word ‘perspective’ tattooed somewhere on my body (somewhere subtle, of course). well, not that seriously. but wow.

i’m feeling better (albeit sheepishly) now. it’s monday, and i just spent 3 hours relaxing and catching up on wedding stuff because i can, and i will go to lab to tie up loose ends and think about my project. as per my monthly-donation new year’s resolution, i donated some money this morning to kids with cameras, the organization behind the movie which arms the kids with, well, cameras, and sells the resulting photographs to raise money for their educations.

perspective. is. everything.

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