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April 24, 2006

* i finished my last long run in preparation for the cincinnati ‘flying pig’ marathon. they are way too cutesy with this whole pig theme, and i’m not going to find it the slightest bit charming at mile 20 of their hilly-ass course, but whatever. i’m running it of my own volition, so i should shut up. this last 20 mile run was my first outdoor long run performed without the gracious company of my awesomely-awesome running partner, who is currently sidelined with a stress fracture. shockingly, it wasn’t that horrible out there on my own. i attribute this to 3 factors:

– my shuffle kept working
– i was having a good running day and it felt easy and nice
– the weather was beautiful

i have no huge goals for this race because i know the hills will make it hard for me. my main goal is to have fun. my secondary goal is, if possible to maintain goal #1, to try for an 8:45 pace, or a 3:50:00 overall time, inching me closer to the 3:40 i will need to (someday) qualify for the boston marathon. but i really don’t care about my secondary goal that much, and i will be happy, really, if i just have fun. my NEXT race, however, will be serious.

* i finished writing up my stupid 3rd year paper. well, i drafted it. it feels good to at least have something sort of done with. my master’s defense is on thursday and i am pretending that it is not really happening. if i pass, i will go celebrate with a margarita. if i fail, i will also celebrate with a margarita, because i really don’t care very much, and it will be over with.

* i am about to go to my first psychiatry event. the words ‘interest group’ kind of make me want to barf because they sound all gunnery and stuff, but it is a discussion on scientology and that just sounds cool. plus, i want to see if i can get to talk to other people interested in psych so i can feel like less of a freak. unless they’re all freakish, in which case i will at least feel less alone in my freakiness. okay, i’ll stop.

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