May 20, 2006

i turn 26 today. while i’m a little worried that this means that MY YOUTH IS OVER AND I AM OLD, i’m still really excited that it’s my birthday. josh is taking me on a surprise trip today, and we’re staying at some super romantic place tonight. i haven’t gotten that many birthday surprises, because typically i commandeer the event before anyone has a chance to do anything that might be a surprise. but this one should be fun. hooray! AND, i must mention that our wedding is a week away. i have warned josh that in the future, there will be NO joint anniversary/birthday celebrations. they are separate entities and will remain so.


in other (not-totally unrelated) news, i was very upset yesterday to read a fashion article in harper’s bazaar magazine declaring all boot-cut denim officially dead. apparently, we are all supposed to be wearing superskinny tapered jeans that look like they came from 1986 (minus the acid wash). don’t they know what this means for people with short legs, people with actual butts, hips, and thighs? i am not a big person (my jeans size is a 2) but i couldn’t pull that look off without looking like a pygmy. a very sad, fashion-victim-type of pygmy.

so i guess 26 is the year that i am going to lose sight of fashion entirely. i didn’t mean for this to happen, but the look-of-the-moment has betrayed me. i suppose i may compromise with a somewhat straighter leg, but that’s as far as i’ll sway.

again: I AM OLD.


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